History of the Bricklin Car
Bricklin Vehicle Corporation
6900 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Production Facilities: - St. John and Minto, New Brunswick: Canada

BRICKLIN SV-1 Motorcar:
Production: June 1974 - September 1975
Model Years: 1974 - 1975- 1976
Total Production: 2900 Automobiles

The Bricklin SV-1, created by Founder Malcolm Bricklin and designed by Herb Grasse was manufactured in the Province of New Brunswick in 1974 and 1975. Minto was selected as the location for the Acrylic Body Fabrication while St. John, New Brunswick became the Assembly Facility. The Company went into Receivership on September 26, 1975. Consolidate International of Columbus, Ohio purchased all completed cars, unfinished automobiles, all parts and raw materials at that time and thus became the Official Distributor of Bricklins and Bricklin parts.

The Bricklin Project was financed by the Province of New Bunswick so as to create jobs for a sagging economy. Although it was a continuous political struggle to keep the financing uninterrupted, it was politics that led to the Bricklin’s demise. Twenty three million dollars was invested by the government before the Venture was designated as not viable for any future funding. During its short production period, 2854 Bricklins were completed at the Assembly Plant with another 36 in various stages of completion. Those cars were later completed by Consolidated International in Columbus, Ohio. Each of those cars had proper documentation as cars manufactured by the Bricklin Vehicle Corporation. Bricklin Vin #2900, a 1976 model, is recognized as the final official Bricklin. Although Bricklins do exist beyond Vin #2900, they were built from parts by unauthorized sources.

In the 1974 model year, 780 automobiles were assembled, all with the AMC 360 cubic inch motor. Approximately 137 Manual Four Speed cars were manufactured during that time period with most of them produced in the Safety White Acrylic Body. Very few Four Speed cars were produced in Safety Green, Safety Orange or Safety Suntan with only one Four Speed car assembled in Safety Red. Remaining production in 1974 were Automatics. The first 1975 model was Vin #0781 with the final car in 1975 being Vin #2880. All 1975 Bricklins had the 351 Ford Windsor engine and the FMX automatic transmission. No Four Speed cars were produced during the 1975 model year. Total production for the 1976 model year was twenty automobiles, the first being Vin #2881 and the final car being Vin #2900. All but two 1976 models were built with the Safety Suntan acrylic body. Special features for 1976 were a single exhaust system with catalytic convertor, slight modifications in the Bricklin seats and console and movement of the high beam switch from the floor to the steering column. All 1976 Bricklins were outfitted with the same Ford 351 Windsor engine.

Bricklins were designed with “Safety” being the main objective. It was labeled the “SV-1" which designated “Safety Vehicle, First Edition”. Malcolm Bricklin had plans to produce other variations of that central theme of building “Safety Cars”. The Bricklin’s unique features included Gull Wing doors that did not protrude into traffic when raised, an Acrylic/Fiberglass body that determined the color of the car ( Bricklins were non-painted cars), a Four-Sided Perimeter Box Frame which incorporated a Roll Cage to provide maximum protection to the Bricklin’s occupants and bumpers that exceeded Federal government standards. Malcolm Bricklin also believed it was not safe to smoke and drive his magnificent car at the same time and thus the Bricklin was void of a cigarette lighter.

The Gull Wing Doors were Electro-Hydraulically operated from the outside or inside at the touch of a button. Today, most cars have been converted to a Pneumatic System which is believed to be the system that Bricklin was planning to use in future cars should production had continued. The Acrylic Body allowed one to simply wet sand and buff out a scratch, should it occur. Five “Safety” Colors were available including Safety White, Safety Orange, Safety Red, Safety Green, and Safety Suntan. They were considered to be “Safety” colors due to the high degree of light reflection. The Mechanical Parts that were used to manufacture the Bricklin came from the shelves of the “Big Three” which has allowed Bricklin owners to easily maintain their cars at a minimal expense.

Bricklin Autosport

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