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Organization of Bricklin Owners
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The Organization of Bricklin Owners was created in April 1975 by Joe DeLorenzo following a visit to the Bricklin Canada Assembly Plant in St. John, New Brunswick and meeting with Operations Manager Albert Reynar and President Ralph Henry. It was believed that since America had a new sportscar, that there should be a club for the owners and enthusiasts of this new very unique motorcar.

By October of 1975, One hundered owners of a Bricklin had been registered in the Organization of Bricklin Owners. The First OBO Gathering was held in Rochester, New York during that same month at which time Joe DeLorenzo was elected President of the club and acknowledged as the Founder of OBO.
The club began publishing a newsletter called the OBO News UPDATE and was able to circulate three issues of the UPDATE during 1975, one for each month. In 1976, the publication continued as a Quarterly. A total of eight issues were published in 1976 and 1977.

In 1978, two issues were published as Semi-Annual periodicals. Each issue of the 1976-1978 UPDATE had a technical column enclosed called TECH POINT which offered OBO members technical information concerning specific areas of the car that were or could be problematic. Today, the OBO News UPDATE is no longer published to due limited resources. However, back issues of each Quarterly magazine are still available to new members.

In addition to the printing of the quarterly magazines, the Organization of Bricklin Owners offered assistance to any member on any Bricklin matter. Members could simply call the OBO office to seek assistance in solving a problem that had arisen. The Annual OBO Christmas Card illustrating a specific Bricklin model was one of the members favorite mailings.

Since 1975, over 700 Owners of the Bricklin from 47 States and Canada had been recorded in the OBO Registry. During the 1970's and early 1980's, OBO sponsored annual gatherings in various locations on the East Coast. As membership decreased, those gatherings were no longer planned.
Although the club still exists today and members can still contact OBO on any Bricklin matter, the club is not considered to be active. A much larger club called Bricklin International continues to serve the Bricklin community. That club offers many services to its members that the much smaller OBO could not offer due to limited financial resources. It is highly recommended to all new Bricklin Owners that they join Bricklin International to take advantage of the services that BI offers as well as their Quarterly magazine called the BRICKLINE.

Should Bricklin owners wish to join the OBO, which has been exclusively for only owners of the Bricklin SV-1, contact information is listed below:

Organization of Bricklin Owners
PO Box 24775
Rochester, New York 14624
(585) 247-1575

The club still has a wealth of information to share with its members, both existing and new members. It also has all Bricklin Manuals, Brochures and Bricklin Accessories available should members wish to purchase them.

Bricklin Autosport

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OBO President, Joe DeLorenzo, on right, with a former Bricklin Vehicle Corparation Executive.
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